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Exotics trade is rough on animals

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15 February 2015

What do you think when you hear the word “pet”? Do you think “dog” or “cat”?  Or, in a wider sense, a...

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puppy farm

Traps in our countryside, a walker’s guide 2013

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11 June 2012

The countryside can be a place of tranquility and is where many of us escape to for some peace, as well as a chance to appreciate the natural beauty...

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Goshawk caught in cage

No court proceedings for beating crows to death

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13 February 2012

OneKind field officer witnesses crows killed in a cage, but prosecution is dropped. Take Action! A man is seen and filmed entering a cage of twelve...

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Cage trap on shooting estate

SnareWatch’ initiative: A OneKind field officer’s view

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03 October 2011

As a field research officer, my job is to uncover the truth and supply material to support the facts on a particular animal welfare issue.  But I...

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Flying with the birds as fundraising challenge takes off

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22 September 2011

It was third time lucky last weekend as the clouds finally parted and 10,000 feet of clear sky meant that my fundraising skydive jump was on at...

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Court serves up a sad day for animal welfare

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28 July 2011

On 19 August 2009 I received a report about ex-circus animals living in poor conditions and rarely allowed out of their stables. I arrived at the...

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Pony in dark stable

Fair game?

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10 May 2011

Earlier this year I went for a walk with the BBC to help them with a documentary about Scottish country shooting estates. During my walks on the...

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Finding a drag snare

Falling with style for OneKind Investigations

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21 April 2011

OneKind's Field Research and Investigations Officer will be jumping out of a plane from 10,000 feet at the beginning of May, to highlight...

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Close up of buzzard's face

All the fun of the unfair at Bobby Roberts’ Circus

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04 April 2011

Perth, summer 2009. I was watching a performance by Bobby Roberts Super Circus in a council park. I knew that the local authority did not permit the...

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Anne the elephant

Tip of the iceberg I fear, but none the less a wee victory

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25 February 2011

On 24th February 2011 a gamekeeper was convicted in Forfar Sheriff Court of setting snares illegally. I had discovered these snares on a visit to a...

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Drag snare

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