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The role of our Field Research Officer is to support all our OneKind campaigns by supplying material such as film, photographs and reports.

These are used, alongside other information put together by our team, to put forward a strong case that we hope will make a change for the better towards animal protection.

A few words from our Field Research Officer

My work takes me far and wide and I never know just exactly what the day is going to bring. As you may know, if you are familiar with the great work of OneKind, we cover a broad variety of animal protection issues which means that I have to be prepared for anything.

Intensive farming, circuses, zoos, animal experimentation, puppy farming, wildlife crime/hunting, snaring, the pet trade, live export of farm animals and seal and grey squirrel persecution are some of the issues that I can work on in an average year and which help to keep me on my toes!

These pages will give you an insight into the work of the investigations department with accounts taken from my own reports. Though many of the accounts will be upsetting it is worth remembering that OneKind is working hard to make a change and helping to put an end to such suffering and with your support we can make a real difference!

The reports will be posted on here on a fairly regular basis, about once a month, so watch this space for updates!