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More for Scotland’s Animals

Take the action below to ask your future MSP to pledge to do More for Scotland’s Animals. Scotland’s animals need you.

In May, Scotland will have a new Government and 129 new MSPs. We want to send a huge signal to all of them that they must do More for Scotland’s animals in the next Parliament.

Our wildlife, pets and farm animals all need better laws that protect them from cruelty and give them better lives. The next MSPs will have the power to introduce these laws, but they will only do it if they understand how important animals are to their constituents.

We’re calling on everyone who is putting themselves forward to be an MSP to pledge to do More for Animals, and you can help. Take this action and you will send an email to all the candidates that want to be your MSP asking them to make the Pledge. Every email they get will remind them just how important animals are to us.

The next five years could not be more important for Scotland’s animals. Many key laws will be up for review, including Scotland’s rules around breeding and selling pets, snaring wildlife, hunting with dogs and electric shock collars. If the opportunities are taken, Scotland could make huge progress and could even become one of Europe’s leading countries in ethical treatment of animals

But this won’t happen unless our message is heard, so please ask your local MSP candidates to pledge to do More for Scotland’s Animals today. If your candidate has already made the pledge you will automatically send a thank you email instead, thanking them for pledging to do More for Scotland’s Animals and reminding them how important animals are to his or her constituents.

This action can only be taken by residents of Scotland.